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Princess 217401 Blender to Go - Smoothie blender

Princess 217401 Blender to Go - Smoothie blender

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The Princess 217401 Personal Blender makes it possible to enjoy a healthy and fresh smoothie whenever you like. The convenient blender blends all ingredients directly in the individual sports bottle, which means fewer dirty dishes. You simply switch the blades with the lid, with a spill-proof drinking nozzle, and you are ready to go to work or hit the gym.

Your smoothie is fast and easy
You can blend fresh fruit and juices or yogurt into a smoothie within a minute thanks to the 300-watt motor of the Princess Blender to Go. Fill up the sports bottle with fresh fruit such as banana, pineapple, apple or raspberries and add in a liquid such as coconut water or yogurt. You can even add spinach, avocado or kale for a healthy, green smoothie. Attach the blades and put the bottle upside down on the base. With the push of a button, the blender blends everything to a delicious smoothie or shake. Remove the blade, attach the to-go lid and off you go with your own homemade smoothie.

Durable and strong BPA-free Tritan jug
Together with the Princess Blender to Go comes a Tritan sports bottle to-go. Tritan is a very durable plastic that is known to be virtually indestructible. Dropping or bumping is not a problem and the bottle will always retain its shape, even in the dishwasher. Another advantage of Tritan is that it is BPA-free so there is no contamination of your drinks or smoothies.

Easy to clean
Both the blades and the blender to-go jug of the Princess Blender to Go are dishwasher-proof. It is also possible to clean the blades in the dishwasher but, to extend its lifetime, you can best rinse the blade directly after use. Thanks to the compact size of the Princess Personal Blender, you could even take one with you to the office and enjoy the benefits of healthy smoothies and shakes all day long.

What’s in the box:
Princess Blender to Go, 600 ml sports bottle to go, detachable blade, spill-proof drinking nozzle lid, Instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Blender to Go:

  • Prepare your smoothie directly in the sports bottle so you can prepare a smoothie with ease
  • You can take your smoothie to work, school or the gym with the spill-proof lid with drinking nozzle
  • Also suited for protein shakes, sports nutrition drinks, and even cocktails
  • Easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher-proof sports bottle, blade and lid
  • With the ice crush function you can keep your shake or smoothie ice-cold


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